Commercial Office De-Fit and Removal

Commercial Office De-Fit and Removal

Commercial office de-fit and removal services provided by Allcraft means that you will do business with experts in creating a new shop or office. We will create good tenancies to ensure that your organisation (or one of its branches) will be in immaculate state once the property has been vacated. When you vacate your property, most leases will have a “make good” or exit clause noted. We can help you meet these obligations to bring your tenancy back to its hand back state.


Ensuring that retail and office space is ready for re-lease is our passion; we have over 20 years of experience doing it. Our differentiating factor that seperates us from other de-fit and removal businesses is that we are not only competitively priced, but we also exceed the requirements laid out by any tenant, tenancy managers, commercial real estate agents and facility managers.So whether you need general office maintenance works undertaken, or need assistance in co-coordinating and organising an office move or even guidance to meet ‘return to original condition’ requirements, Allcraft Projects will be there to assist you.

Areas of Assistance We Provide


Gyprock Wall or Partitioning/Ceiling Removal

Fixtures and Fitting Removal

Floor Coverings Removal

Floors, Walls and Ceiling Reinstatement

All Trades such as Mechanical (Air Conditioning), Electrical, Fire Sprinklers, Security, Painters and Decorators

Patch and Paint

Identification and Protection of Landlord Assets

Comprehensive Project Management of all Trades

Competent Supervision of all your Defit and Make Good Requirements

Property Inspection with Yourself or your Company Representative and your Landlord

All Relevant Safety Procedures Complied With

Unobtrusive and Clean

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